Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Nick Knight

These photographs are by Nick Knight, i particularly like the two black and white images from British Vogue. I love the sense of movement, Knight often uses movement within his fashion images bringing them to life. His images capture the beauty of the model and the detail of the clothes beautifully, he has the ability to make the most simple portrait beautiful and exciting.

Alastair McLellan

These images are Alastair McLellan, he works with alot of the high fashion magazines such as Vogue. He creates particularly strong fashion editorial images with a sense of narrative. I particularly like his work on location, he allows the models to interact with the location and works with stylists that also help link the model with the location. His work is often quite polished, but not too much that the images look totally unnatural.

Tim walker

These photographs are by photographer Tim Walker. I love the narratives he constructs and the aesthetics of his images. His work often has a kind of fairy tale or surreal element to it, and his use of props is fantastic. I find his work fascinating and think that it creates a real sense of escapism. The aesthetics of his images are soft and fairytale-esque and even though the narratives are often quite bazaar and unusual they still work well.

David LaChapelle

These photographs are by David LaChapelle, i love the way in which he creates such a strong narrative within his images. His images often use elaborate constructed sets and extravagant props and outfits. The models are almost like dolls placed into these extravagant scenarios to create striking narratives. His photographs are eye catching and keep the viewer interested, the budget for his work is huge and he works with a massive team of people to construct the photographs.

Mario Testino

These photographs are by Mario Testino, I love his fashion photographs and portraiture. I really like how elegant his images are and how he manages to capture some of the models personality within the photographs particularly in his celebrity portraits. I feel that his images are strong and depict a lot of detail, you can often see a lot of the textures within the photographs, bringing them to life. Although i feel that his images are striking and strong they are also often somehow quite soft and subtle.

Personal interests

Personally I like quite polished fashion photography and I am particularly interested in constructed scene and creating narrative within my photographs. Some of my favorite fashion photographers include:
Mario Testino
David LaChapelle
Tim walker
Alistair McLellan
Nick Knight

The brief

The internet is playing an increasingly significant role in the careers of fashion creatives, in that it allows work to be distributed to a large audience without the need to be commissioned by an established magazine. One context where this is apparent is the blog. This brief has been designed to encourage you to set up your own blog which will act as an online research file/scrapbook for yourself. From this you will work in a small group to produce a set of fashion based images.

This brief s split into two parts.

Part one:
To begin with you need to set up your own individual online blog. Recommended providers to use are Blogger, Tumblr or wordpress. It is up to you what address you give your blog but I would suggest trying to use your name. You will then be expected to regularly update your blog with anything you find particularly relevant to your practice and that can have a role in future projects. For example, this could include images you have taken from magazines or books, work of existing practitioners, items of clothing, potential locations, concepts or quotes, potential models, stills from films, other websites, images or footage from other shoots you do etc. As well as the image you will be expected to include some kind of comment about the relevance of each post.

Part two:
The second part of this brief requires you to work in small groups to produce a fashion shoot with the outcome being a set of five images.
Your group should be made up of either 1 or 2 photography students and 1 or 2 fashion promotion with styling students. Groups can be no larger than 4 students and must contain at least 1 person from each course.
There are no specifications in terms of the content of your shoot, however the concept should be related to at least one post from the blog of each member of the group.
You will then produce a 750 word evaluation of the project outlining how your shoot relates to the blog posting and an overall evaluation of your final set of images and how well the group worked together.

Deadline: Monday 28th feb 2011