Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Martha Lee Birks

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Overall I am relatively happy with our final outcome for this assignment. Most of us had never worked together before however personally I felt that we all worked really well as a group. I am happy with the majority of our final images, they work well with the theme and the layout.

We used a flash gun and a ring flash on some of the images and I am really happy with the snap shot aesthetic we achieved, it was exactly what we had aimed for. I particularly liked the aesthetic of the 35mm film images we did and wish we had done another roll of film. If we had time to shoot again I think we would defiantly use a few more rolls of film as everybody in the group really liked the aesthetic.

Overall I am really pleased with our choice of models they suited the theme really well and despite not being professional models they worked really well. The male models were harder to direct but in general they all took direction quite well. On the other hand we did have a problem with one of the models as she didn’t want to have bare legs in one of the categories so she ended up wearing orange tights, which really didn’t work well in the majority of the images. In a way working with four models at the same time as opposed to one was quite challenging as on some of the images there is one or two models that don’t look right when the others do, however it was a good experience and I learnt a lot from it.

Despite the trouble with the orange tights I think that the styling worked really well. I am really happy with the stylists we worked with; they had a lot of input and kept us informed of the styling as they went along, always asking our opinion. The clothing suited the theme well without being too obvious and clich├ęd.

Originally we had some trouble getting the editorial layout right, however I am pleased with our final layout. I feel that our layout is relatively exciting and works well with our images and theme.

I feel that the prints are to a relatively good standard although I am not 100 percent happy with them however due to costs and the large number of prints we have for other projects we were unable to get them printed to the standard we would have liked.

If we would have had time to shoot again I would have liked to have shot more on film and used Polaroid like we has planned to originally. I would also have re-shot the body image (90’s) section as the idea of layers didn’t turn out as well as we had hoped and I would have used a model that was more comfortable in the clothing for the 70’s section.

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