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Course: Photography

Module: PH2011 / FJ2002 - The Fashion Image

Year: 2

Tutor: Adam Murray / Jon Purcell

Deadline: 1pm on Thursday 5th May

Assignment: Ass 3

Project Title: Large Practical Project


Although having a thorough knowledge of the work produced in your chosen discipline is important, it is often work that is inspired by something that at first can seem somewhat unrelated that can be the starting point of the most original and engaging imagery. This brief has been designed to give you a starting point for your project, but then left deliberately open to allow you to develop your creativity and fully explore your chosen concept.


This brief requires you to work in small groups to produce a set of images that would feature in a fashion editorial context with the outcome being an editorial shoot of 8 pages. Your group should be made up of either 1 or 2 photography students and 1 or 2 fashion promotion with styling students. Groups can be no larger than 4 students and you cannot work on your own.

The starting point for this brief is the word:


Education is something that you are all significantly involved in and is also a topic that has featured heavily in recent social and political discussion. How you interpret this theme is entirely your decision, but you will be expected to explore the topic in great depth.

Rather than completing a printed workbook, all evidence of the development of your project will be posted on your blog that you set up for Ass 1 of this module. Things we will expect to see are: initial concepts, research and discussion, development of the project, critical and theoretical aspects, practical experimentation, test shoots, model scouting, clothing selection, editing process and any relevant decisions that you make throughout the project.

With regards your final imagery you will be required to submit this both as photographic prints and digital files at the following specifications:

Prints – One set of exhibition quality prints per group with each ‘page’ being A3 in size, therefore 8 separate prints.

Digital File – One set of digital files per group on a disc scaled to 72ppi with the longest edge being 1000 pixels.

It is important that the final images are submitted to these specifications. The prints and disc should be submitted in a folder clearly labelled with the name of each group member.

Each member of the group will also have to submit a printed, 500 word critical evaluation of the project.


To be submitted in the seminar session at 1pm on Thursday 5th May

Learning Outcomes:

· Examine a range of major critiques and theories that underpin contemporary photography

· Analyse and evaluate photographic works

· Develop critical and practical skills on completion of an appropriate project

· Plan and manage time in the production of photographic work

Those in italic are particularly relevant to this assignment.

Assessment Criteria

Research and Development (40%) – A successful project will demonstrate that all areas of your project have been fully explored and considered. This will include fully exploring the starting point of the brief, developing an engaging and sophisticated concept, analysing existing work, having an awareness of critical issues, showing experimentation and exploration in terms of the creative process.

Final Images (50%) – A successful set of final images will be both conceptually and technically resolved. They should also fit the technical specifications outlined above and be printed to exhibition quality.

Individual Evaluation (10%) – A successful final evaluation will demonstrate that you have fully considered all aspects of your project and critically evaluated the work.

Minimum tangible evidence of study

· An individual blog.

· One set of final images per group in both print and digital format.

· An individual evaluation.

Please note that the penalty for late submission is as follows:

1-5 days late: a maximum mark of 40% can be awarded after 5 days: a mark of 0% is awarded

Information pack about registering for Extenuating Circumstances is available from the JOMEC School Office - GR228b.

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