Saturday, 26 February 2011


Overall I think that our final images work well and fit with the editorial idea that we decided on. The images would work well as an editorial; there are a variety of poses and different styling throughout the images. The images work well as a set but on the other hand I feel that they are also strong as individual images. I am pleased with the lighting and think that the ring flash has made the images much more interesting aesthetically than our original idea of the plain white background and simple lighting. We edited all of our final images on ‘photo shop’, we changed the levels, removed any obvious blemishes and got rid of the red eye in the images. We tried not to alter them too much as we didn’t want them to look overly polished. Obviously fashion images and editorial photographs are often very edited but we just felt that these didn’t need to be edited to a huge degree.

I am really pleased with the model that we chose he was ideal for this shoot. He is very versatile and I think that he suited each of the five different looks we dressed him in. He was particularly good at posing and didn’t need much direction from the photographers during the shoot and was confident in front of the camera. Although the other model couldn’t make it I think that using just the one model worked out well and perhaps made time management a bit easier.

I feel that the styling is strong in all of our final images, as a group we worked hard to make sure that each look was different and exactly what we were looking for. We had a variety of clothes; accessories and shoes sourced from several different places and chose the best ones for the shoot. We spent one afternoon in town getting final items for the shoot that we couldn’t source elsewhere. Not all of the clothes fitted perfectly but Sarah was on hand and pinned anything that was too big or needed nipping in if it didn’t quite look right.

I think that the three of us worked quite well together, we met up several times before the shoot to discuss concepts and ideas and to make sure we had planned everything out and we made sure that everyone was involved and had some input. I feel that we were relatively organised and although it took us quite a while to come up with the initial idea when we had it everyone worked hard to make sure the outcome was good. I think we managed our time reasonably well particularly when it came to the day of the shoot. We made sure that the photographers and the stylist were there two hours before the model arrived so that every thing could be set up and any potential problems could be solved. We had separate areas for the styling and the photography to make sure that everything was organised and nothing got mixed up or broken.

We had intended on using the Cannon 5d and had booked it out, but unfortunately the person who had it before us didn’t bring it back on time. Luckily I had brought my camera to the shoot but it would have been good to use the 5d as we had intended, I particularly like the image quality the 5d produces.

All of our blogs relate too our shoot and our final images, Sarah did some research on clothing and stereotypes, Jess was really interested in using a male model and I was really interested in using the Ring flash, and we all have posts on our blogs relating to these areas as well as others relating to the concept of our shoot.

Given the time scale I am happy with our final set of images, however I think that if we had longer to do this assignment we would have perhaps done another shoot to see if we could get any stronger images and instead of wasting time doing the full length shots done the more tightly cropped shot and focused more on pose and getting the images perfect.

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