Saturday, 26 February 2011

Clothing as a language - First impressions

The main idea for this shoot was about thinking of clothing as a language and how we express ourselves through the clothes that we wear. I decided to ask people what kind of person they thought would wear each of the outfits we chose for our shoot.
It was really interesting to see how people judged what kind of a person he was just by what he was wearing and how clothes give off certain information (or misinformation) about the person who wears them.

'He looks like more of a younger guy, not really bothered what he wears too much'

'Quite casual, he doesn't look like he really cares what's in fashion, although he doesn't look bad'

'A bit of a lads lad.'

'Obviously sporty, I reckon he's one of those guys that likes to go out a lot'

'Rich maybe'

'Takes pride in his appearance, looks like he would probably know his labels'

'Not English'

'Good job, he looks like he might be quite rich'

'An older more sophisticated guy with alot of money'

'He looks like he might own like a club or bar, something like that'

'He looks like he plays guitar'

'Younger guy, quite laid back but still likes to dress well'

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