Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Clothing and the significance of dress

After the lecture we had on monday it got me thinking more about clothing and its significance in the world of fashion and to everyone in general.

Personally i think that clothing is significant to everyone even if they think that its not, everybody has a style of clothing that they wear. We choose what shops we go into, which sections we look in, what items we pick up and what we wear them with. We make various decisions that affect the clothes we wear and our image in general.

We use our clothes to express ourselves, it can be argued that we use communicate through clothing more than we do through talking, we choose to talk to very few people but lots of people see us and our clothes everyday. The first thing we notice about someone is the way we look and often we only have someone's looks to go on.

Certain types of people wear certain types of clothes or dont wear certain types of clothes. In other words we can often find out alot of information out about someone from what theyre wearing, or misinformation. This is an idea that i am really interested in.

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